Brooklyn Vegan has posted some great photos from last Friday’s 4th of July supershow at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. WARNING: after you see some of these picture of Drew St. Aubin you cannot unsee them…

We also wanted to thank Doug DeFalco and the folks at Brooklyn Night Bazaar for hosting us. And of course, thanks to Spirit Family Reunion and Odetta Hartman. It was an honor sharing the stage with you guys.

Finally, if you were too busy seeing the East River fireworks display and missed us… then there is still some hope you yet. The show was streamed live online and the video can be viewed at the link below.

(Skip to the 39 minute mark to see our set)

SEE YOU AT OUR NEXT SHOW: July 18th @ Radio Bushwick.


Does it even have to be said that you should see GunFight! play on July 4th? I don’t think so… You guys already know that.

But in case you’ve incurred a head injury in the recent past, I’ll remind you that we’re playing the BROOKLYN NIGHT BAZAAR on FRIDAY JULY 4th (America’s Birthday) with Odetta Hartman and Spirit Family Reunion. You should be there because it’s going to be awesome.

And don’t you worry about missing the fireworks on the East River. We’re playing right before them, then the whole show is taking a break and WE’RE ALL GOING RIGHT BEHIND THE VENUE TO WATCH THEM! Sounds perfect right?

Of course it does.

Woot Woot!

Woot Woot!

Hot stuff.

Hot stuff.



Hey kids, I wanted to share some exciting news. As most of you know from our last post, the band has been undergoing some personnel changes. To begin with, Tony Aquilino, who has been playing bass for us since the Summer of 2007… our buddy, our pal, and our some-time-lover, is moving to Philadelphia. As sad as we are to see Tony-Two-Toots go, we have unfortunately found ourselves in need of a new bass player.

To fill those oh-so-stinky shoes, we have reached out to our extended family of Brooklyn musicians and enlisted the talented Drew St. Aubin (a.k.a. Curveball / a.k.a. Evil Drew). Drew, among being an expert with a hatchet, is an accomplished drummer, keyboard, and bass player. His talented stylings can be seen and heard in many of our favorite local bands, Miniboone, The Love Supreme, and Robot Princess. We have spent the past few weeks getting up to speed with Drew and things are going great. 

By why stop there, ya know? If you’re going to replace the stove, why not also the countertop? Why not remodel the whole kitchen!?

So… we are also pleased to announce that in addition to Drew, we have added another member of the band, John Weingarten. John will be serving as our multi-instrumentalist — sometimes playing keyboard, sometimes adding acoustic guitar, and always looking cool. Again pulled from our extended family of Brooklyn musicians, Johns has a long track record of amazing bands that he has and is currently apart of, including Naam, Quiet Loudly, and The Love Supreme

I can tell you from the way things have gone in the last few practices, that we’re all very excited about these new developments. We cannot wait to share our expanded sound with all our friends and fans in coming weeks. 

We hope to see you all at our next shows which are:


More details on that to come!